Sunday, November 22, 2009

Tis The Season...

For some reason I just haven't been able to put my brain around the fact the Christmas is coming, and coming FAST for that matter.  The idea of dragging out all of my Christmas decorations is weighing me down! I've had to remind myself that it's always that way, and then when I get started and begin to see the house transpired and the feeling of Christmas starts to creep in, I'm always glad that I finally broke down and got it done. I truly do love this time of year and all of the traditions we enjoy as a family!

The Kay Family Party
is the event of the season.
We've been meeting for years,
and for a good reason!
Besides eating and crafting,
which we all do so well.
(the eating part)
We have Santa show up
and the kids start to yell!


Getting together on a cold snowy night,
to make some treats is sure a

 Building a SNOWMAN with Bampa sure is fun,
you won't find another that compares to this one!

A tradition we started many years ago,
is exchanging ornments for the kids as they grow.
Our trees are loaded with these special things
It's fun to see what each year brings.

Luke was a ZOMBIE for Halloween
last year,
so the reason for his ornament was perfectly clear!

As my kids have grown and left the nest
they've thinned the tree but I'm still truly

The kids love the jammies they get every year,
putting them on always brings lots of cheer!

So it comes down to this as I drag out the mess,
I'm grateful for CHRISTMAS and would want nothing less.

There are so many things that I'm thankful for,
and as I hang up the STOCKINGS I'll be hanging ONE more!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween Ho-Down

Well first of all I've had to set up a new blog.  My original blog was working out well for me and then all of a sudden it quit showing my updates on the few of you who have me on your blog lists.  This meant that my readership of 3-5 went from 0-1. I couldn't have that.  It's important for me to know that someone out there is checking out my cute grandkids from time to time and maybe even leaving a comment here and there.  So that's the reason I've had to start a whole new blog from scratch. (not fun!)  I would however like to encourage you to go back and see my latest posts on the other blog so you don't miss anything

So on with the topic: Halloween Ho-Down!

I have to admit that Halloween has never really been one of my most favorite  holidays, but since the kids all love it I decided to break down and throw a party!  My party was originally going to be a simple affair but Kylee quickly set me straight on that, and added to the MeSs or should I say fun.

We became "creepy cupcake creators"

After the kitchen was cleaned up, I'll have to admit I was quite proud of ourselves!
We used them for our "CUPCAKE WALK"
where everyone came away a winner.

It turned out to be a nice enough day to be able to carve our pumpkins outside.

I just loved the way Tanner described his pumpkin (which he carved completely on his own) "it has two little eyes, a little nose and a BIG mouth."

I'm telling you, Luke has skills! You can tell he's proud, and rightfully so!

No get together would be complete without food and Kylee's Spooky Punch...