Sunday, July 3, 2011


I have recently returned from our annual "girl's get-a-way" and still haven't been able to catch up on my sleep!
We, fifteen young and old women, plus one little guy gathered together in sunny St. George.  And, was it ever sunny!  Last year we went the second week of June and had to lay by the pool wrapped in our towels. We decided to push it back a bit in order to guarentee some higher temps.  We were not to be disappointed.  No beach towels needed!  In fact I don't even think we needed them to dry off.

We started out for our little vacation on Saturday after singing 'Happy Birthday' to Brayden.  Kristy had our games ready from the get go.  The first one was called, 'SWIFT Switch'.  She had the passengers each draw out a colored M&M which put them in a certain car (I was a driver so my spot was unchangeable).  She had planned that everytime we saw a Swift truck on the freeway we were to pull over and make a Swift Switch.  Apparently after loading up and getting ourselves comfortable in our surroundings and then noticing that we wouldn't be driving more than 5 miles at a time without switching she canceled the game.  But, nothing was loss because she had our travel bingo cards all ready for us to get working on.  I love all of  Kristy's games, she get's us in the party atmosphere right from the spot.  We have a blast being silly!  I wish we had pictures to document all the crazy things we did.

After getting into St. George we had dinner at Pizza Factory and then went to unload our things at the condo, brush our teeth and head out to Tuachuan to see Grease. 
Connie, Kylee, Kaydee & Mya at Tuachaun

McKel and Melinda

The Pink Ladies & One
DeAnn, wishing she could be Sandra Dee


On Sunday we allowed ourselves time to sleep in a bit, but more importantly time 15 girls to get ready in two bathrooms and then found a church for an 11:00 sacrament meeting. We could tell by the fact that the entire permiter of the church house was designated handicap parking spots that we were in an 'older' ward. We worried that since we are such young spring chickens we'd stick out! But no worries, somehow we fit right in! It was a nice meeting with some great speakers.

The young girls went to a singles ward hoping to find the man of their dreams. I guess they were out of town that day!

After eating lunch at the condo we spent the rest of the day relaxing around the pool and trying to rid ourselves of our farmers tan. All expect for Kristy, who made certain she didn't get a line of any sort for fear it would be a burn. She armed herself with her giant umbrella and a can of 50spf sunscreen.


We love being able to stay in one place all together, so in order to make the most of the space our condo offered a few of us slept out on the deck.  I for one, considered it the best bed in the house.  By the time we went to bed at night the temperature was perfect and it great to wake up to the bright morning sun and birds chirping.

Food is always a big part of any of our get togethers, why is that?

Strawberry & Banana Crepes from The Bear Paw

Greek Omlette-Bear Paw

An extra treat at Iceberg

A couple of our other favorite stops; Nelson's Frozen Custurd, Swig (multiple times), Cafe Rio.  Don't worry anyone, we do NOT go hungry on these outtings!

Because of all the food we tried to be deligent in keeping up our exercise routines by talking evening walks and early morning runs.

I was glad I was in the 5:30am group of runners before the sun came up! Running in the heat is not my favorite!!
Random pictures of a great time together.



We were glad to have a guy amongst us.  Madden had us laughing all the time.  For instance we were laughing at this particular moment!

Grandma Red, doing her "something ODD" in public for her bingo game

One again, we had a really good time.  This is a tradition that will hopefully go on and on.  Regardless of where we get together we just know that it's important for us to find the time to do it.  We're blessed to have great relationships amoung a great family.