Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Christmas shopping will be a breeze this year, at least for the most part!  This year Santa took the family to DISNEYLAND for Christmas over Thanksgiving.  We had a great time at the "Happiest Place on Earth"!  It was such a great way to start off the holidays.  There is nothing I truly enjoy more than spending time with my entire family doing things we all like to do.  It was a Christmas gift well worth giving!

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!!

Saturday, October 23, 2010


Other than the fact that the weather starts getting cold, I really like the FUN of FALL.  I doubt that Linzy would agree with me that shucking corn is any FUN at all.  She HATED the cute little corn worms that we're having fun in the cobs!

 However, anything you can do as a family always lends it self to FUN, whether they thought so or not!

 A bit of HEE HAW'S fun...
Bampa & Ellie

The boys shooting corn cobs

Nixon taking grandma down the slide

Finally found our way out of the corn maze

Ellie and Nixon, our leaders.  No wonder it took us sooo long!

Red Bear, our OTHER grandchild, I guess he's actually our GREAT grandchild since Tanner is his dad!

George won us a trip through his work recently, and although the timing wasn't perfect as far as school and football goes, it was a great get away.

Here we are gathered together in Kristy's bedroom trying to find our new WITCHY identities.  We also give her room a new identity!

Me, Linzy, Kaydee (the good witch) and Kylee

What can I say!

The sister and mommy witches

What's more FUN than getting together and laughing more than you've laughed in a long time!

I love the FUN traditions of FALL!!!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Children IN the Corn

I love the simple life!!!

Saturday, September 18, 2010


What a beautiful day!! The idea of spending it inside just wasn't an option.  So, we decided that since we had a wedding reception to attend in Spring City and our nephew, Keaton, playing football in Monroe we'd make a day out of it and take a ROAD TRIP.

It was such a fun way to enjoy being outside! 
Don't mind the bug smeared on my lip.  What I did get of it sure was YUMMY!

Thursday, September 2, 2010


Since we had a football game in the northern part of the state we decided to take advantage of the proximity to Kylee, Conner and Nixon in Logan.  We loaded up Luke and Tanner to come along for the fun!

Our game was in Coalville (No. Summit), and it rained on and off throughout.  The boys weren't phased in the least.  They spent the entire game underneath the bleachers, I'm sure conjuring up all sorts of adventures in their minds.

Kylee and Conner live right by a beautiful trail that runs along the Logan River.  The boys could explore the area for hours at a time!
Nixon is keeping an eye on them from the bridge above
They even got Bampa to make the treacherous journey across the river
Nixon trying his hand and skipping rocks
From dangerous excursions in the wild jungles of Logan to showing their diversity as up and coming artists, these two don't miss a beat!

I watched the weather forecast during the week and decided that it was going to be cool and rainy while we were there so I never even considered taking our swimsuits.  Well the boys had other things in mind and since there were still small patches of blue in the sky they were insistent that we go swimming.  George and I went to Walmart in hopes of finding some deals on close-out swim suits.  We got lucky!  George picked up a $5.00 suit with "Land Shark" written all over it.  It was perfect!! I was only able to find half a suit in my size so I bought a pair of tan underwear and jokingly told Kylee that I figured they'd pass as bottoms.  It was quite funny!  She kept insisting they'd be too see through but I assured her I'd be spending most my time in the water so it wouldn't matter anyway.  She found me a pair shorts to wear, just to be on the safe side.
Nixon & Conner
You couldn't wipe the grin off that kids face!
Bampa & Tanner
Luke finding he's braver than he thought
We're all taking advantage of those few and far between patches of blue sky

Next, onto showing more BOY skills at the bowling alley.  I really needed some BOY skills that night, bumpers or not, the little guys whooped me!!

After a fun day loaded with all sorts of activities that little boys love, you can only imagine that familiar little boy scent! 
They're smelling good now!

Madden can't wait until he gets to join the boys in all the fun!


Sunday, August 22, 2010


We were proud to be invited by DeAnn and Kevin and the other Friends of Mona to go on a 4-wheeler ride up Mona Pole Canyon.  We considered it quite an honor! 
This particular group of people, plus the few from Nephi that joined us, are very seasoned ATV riders.  George and I, not so much! 
Our guides, Kevin & DeAnn
It was such a pretty afternoon!  The sky was so bright and blue!
A smorgasboard of food
We had a great time and feel like we gained some good 4-wheeling experience. Driving down the mountain in the dark had to count for something too!