Monday, February 21, 2011

It's Okay...

I ran across a blog of one of Kylee's friends and liked her post so since I've been needing and wanting to update my blog I decided to go with this...


to be proud of yourself.

to spend nearly the entire day lying around and being lazy when know one is home.

to avoid answering the phone when you know it's a telemarketer.

to lick the beaters and eat dough (of any kind).

to ask for help.

to tear up during a Hallmark commercial.

to have way more shoes than you need.

to think YOUR grandkids are the cutest kids out there.

if you don't complete everything on your "to do" list.

if you can't whistle with your fingers.

to fill up shopping carts on every internet shopping site you visit and then just leave it cruising around in cyber space.

At least these things are okay with me!