Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I've been...AFLOAT!

And because "I've been...AFLOAT"  my unfinished projects are still unfinished!  But, I do have to say it has been worth it!
George and I plus sixteen other friends just returned from a Western Caribbean cruise.  It was great!  The weather was pretty much perfect and I tried really really hard to bring it back with us, but it must have slipped through my fingers.
We had a fun mix of friends, most who didn't know one another at all.  It was fun to see everyone become familiar with each other and become fast friends.  I feel blessed to have SO MANY friends in our lives.
Our Itinerary:

We sailed out of Ft. Lauderdale, FA.  We all flew in on different flights, but luckily Mike and Casie were there a couple of days earlier so they shuttled most everyone from the airport to the ship (Thanks Mike!)
 After boarding the ship it was only a matter of minutes before we found ourselves filling our plates in an attempt to get our stomachs stretched out for the coming week.  I had been trying hard prior to our cruise to lose a few pounds and I vowed to myself that I would maintain control.  Sadly I broke the vow within the first 15 minutes on the ship!

This picture doesn't do it justice, but our first night was the night of  "the big moon."  I know it had a specific title but I don't remember what it was exactly, anyway it was soooo pretty!

Our first port of call was Grand Cayman.  We had made prior arrangements to take a private boat to Sting Ray City.  Our guide, Tina, enthusiastically welcomed us or at least Terry!

Jeff and Natalie making friends with a star fish
Omar, preparing us some VERY fresh conch, the "catch of the moment."  I couldn't believe that I was actually brave enough to try it.  However I'll admit I didn't realize it was raw when I did. Had I known that I probably would have chickened out.  After he cut it all up, he mixed up a really good marinade and served it with crackers.
This is Esther.  She was a professional diver and so accomodating and helpful.  The crew made us feel so safe and comfortable.  The swells were a bit high and so the park service wasn't allowing boats to go to the sand bar so instead they took us to the open waters near there and let us out to snorkel.  The waters were amazing!  They were so pretty and clear.  They caught some sting rays for us to hold and even kiss.  It was awesome!

Mike & Casie

The next stop was in Roatan, Hondorus.  The area we docked at was so pretty and inviting.  We couldn't believe how clean everything was.  On this day we had scheduled a zip lining trip. It was a lot of fun!  We all wanted to do it again.

After we got finished ZIPPING through the jungle we found us a couple of vans and drivers to take us on a tour of the island.  I always like to see how people live in an area.  Roatan is such a pretty island. 
 While on our little tour we wanted to see monkeys in the jungle but instead we got to see them at a cute little petting zoo.

 Our drivers then took us to a cool little beach called, Half Moon Bay.  It was a cozy little area in the jungle with little bungalos that people could rent equiped with hamocks hanging on the porches.  It was a great snorkeling and dive spot too!
Cute little girls selling their goods
Jeff, testing the waters
Terry & Tammy, aah sweet!

Third port of call, Cozumel, Mexico.  We were feeling adventurous and so decided upon renting some Dune Buggy hot rods to tour the island.

Our first stop was at some Mayan ruins.  We had a tour guide that was passionate about his job.  It made it really interesting, and he assured us that 2012 is not the end of the world, it's just the end of an era in the Mayan calendar!

After we left the ruins we drove around the island.  The bright blue water was once again, amazing! 
We found a open air restaurant to have some delicious nachos at and another beach to do some snorkeling.

After another day at relaxing at sea, we enjoyed our last and final stop at Princess Cays in the Bahamas. It was a perfect way to end the trip.

Great times!  Thanks to all our friends who joined us in the fun; Mike & Casie, Natalie & Jeff, Terry & Tammy, Charlie & Darlene, Wayne & Annette, Bob & Janet, Burt & Sue and Randall & Paige.

Friday, March 11, 2011

I've Been...LAZY

I have a good idea for my blog!  Each of my posts are going to begin with, "I've Been...."  I figured this would give me a starting point for each entry.  But, sadly since I came up with the idea I've been racking my brain to figure out what "I've Been...up to."  It occured to me that "I've Been...LAZY!" 

You would think that since Spring is around the corner I could motivate myself to do something productive, but it's just not happening. For some reason my motivation seems to come in the Fall.

I do have many things I want to do (and need to do) however.  I've even started a list!

1. Finish Mya's bed skirt
2. Take Tanner shopping for fabric for a new quilt (his is turning to rags and up until recently he has refused to even think of me making a new one.  The other day he told me that it would be okay as long as I made it exactly like his "little blankie." )
3. This and other pillows

4. Do some painting touch-ups on my baseboards, YUK!
5. Finish at least two of my UNFINISHED quilts.
Okay I'm I think that's good for now.  Just think if I get these five things checked off my list I'll have a pretty good "I've Been...PRODUCTIVE"  blog post to do.