Sunday, April 25, 2010


They were trying hard to convince themselves and me that they were happy just staying under the patio.
Tanner couldn't stand it any longer, he gave in to the temptation!
We all learn from example!
Outfitted in some REALLY nice rain gear.

Fun times, just SINGING IN THE RAIN!

Sunday, April 18, 2010


That's how many calories my favorite nutrition/diet site, Sparkpeople told me I worked off!  I'm not sure that I believe it was quite that many, but I do know this, I WORKED MY BUTT OFF on Saturday! 
George and I got up early, each with our own list of tasks we wanted to accomplish for the day.  On my list there was:
Wash Windows (outside)
Wash down patio furniture
Re-do DI chairs
Now even with only three items on my list, I still felt that I would be putting in a good day's work.  I started on the windows.  We had recently had some very gross mud storms that have left my windows looking opaque, not in a good way.  My intention was, since I HATE to wash windows, to just do the outside now and save the inside for later. But, as things generally go once you get into something, it just snowballs. So in the end I did the windows inside and out. Even though I have the high upstairs one left to do, the one I have to risk my life by literally hanging out of the window from way up in the air to do, and the two basement windows, I'm feeling SO HAPPY that I can actually see outside.
Wash Windows (inside and out)
While I was outside washing the living room window I couldn't help but notice the abdunance of freshly sprouting weeds in the flower bed.  So I thought, 'It will only take me a minute or two to pull them and then I can quickly get on to the other things on my list.'  Well as I mentioned before, and as we all know, the SNOWBALL THING! A few easy pull weeds quickly turned into an ENTIRE day of weeding, weedeating, trimming, pruning along with turning the sprinklers on and off while George tried to fix a broken sprinkler head.
It wasn't until late in the afternoon that I was finally back to my LIST
Wash down patio furniture
Although I was proud of all that we accomplished, the thing I was most excited about was the last thing on my list, the DI chairs.  I spotted some old folding chairs at DI in Logan several months ago.  They were exactly like the ones my Grandma Kay used to have. They were only $2.00 each so bought them and brought them home. I've had them hidden  from George because he doesn't like junk and I knew one look at them and he'd say that's just what they were! I'm sure the rest of us will agree that they are in fact not JUNK at all!

The "OLD" chairs

The Vision
I found some fun laminated fabric at Gracie Lou's and then luckily found some fun paint to match.

The poor naked chair, looking exposed for the world to see!

Putting clothes back on with a new coat(s) of paint


They are going to reside on the patio, at least for the summer.
(I painted the old tray while I was at it too!)
Re Do DI chairs!
So that's where the ONE THOUSAND, FOUR HUNDRED, EIGHTY SIX calories burned came from when I put all I had done on Sparkpeople.  A good and constructive day in many ways!

Sunday, April 11, 2010


I got to enjoy a few days in Logan during my spring break.  By the end Kylee and I encouraged everyone else in the family to come up and join us.  It was fun spending the time together.

I took A LOT of pictures, and of course they are all cute, because the kids in them are all cute. So I'm using a slide show. Hopefully it works.

Although I do have to post a couple of highlight pictures, along with captions.

I took the boys for a little adventure walk.  It was so much fun to listen to them talking to each other. You would have thought they were in the middle of the coolest jungles ever.  They kept handing me "TREASURES" to hold for them. COOL things I might say!

At "Baby Animal Days" they were having a sheep shearing demonstration.  The kids were wanting to go for a pony ride but we (I) insisted they watch the sheep getting a haircut first.  I went and stood on the opposite side so that I could get some pictures.  I was amused by watching the expressions on their faces, but then I heard the man doing the shearing say, "oh, this isn't good".  and then I noticed RED.
Luke said, "I can't believe you wanted us to watch this".

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


We are determined to fight the WINTER BLUES by having one party after another.  It began with NIXON'S 1st BIRTHDAY. 
It would have been a perfect party, other than the poor little birthday boy just wasn't feeling well.  Kylee had gone to a lot of effort to pull off the shin-dig.  There were 47 people in and around my home, WOW!!  I'm glad that the day was at least somewhat decent so that some of them could hang out in the backyard.
In spite of the chaos it all comes down to the fact that it's awesome to have such wonderful family support! LOVE YOU ALL!
Here are a few highlights...

Our first try at using fondant

The finished product

Even the cute cake didn't make him feel better:(

Instead of blowing out his candles, Nixon spent his 1st birthday blowing his nose!

No foolin, Mike's birthday is April 1st, and for his birthday celebration he invited us to join him and his family at non other than SIZZLER'S.

LOVE the fact that our grandkids think that coming to Grandma and Bampa's house is a PARTY no matter the occasion.  The other night we got to tend them while their parents went on a date.  It was by no means any too warm outside, but they insisted on having some great adventures with Bampa, even in the COLD.