Saturday, October 23, 2010


Other than the fact that the weather starts getting cold, I really like the FUN of FALL.  I doubt that Linzy would agree with me that shucking corn is any FUN at all.  She HATED the cute little corn worms that we're having fun in the cobs!

 However, anything you can do as a family always lends it self to FUN, whether they thought so or not!

 A bit of HEE HAW'S fun...
Bampa & Ellie

The boys shooting corn cobs

Nixon taking grandma down the slide

Finally found our way out of the corn maze

Ellie and Nixon, our leaders.  No wonder it took us sooo long!

Red Bear, our OTHER grandchild, I guess he's actually our GREAT grandchild since Tanner is his dad!

George won us a trip through his work recently, and although the timing wasn't perfect as far as school and football goes, it was a great get away.

Here we are gathered together in Kristy's bedroom trying to find our new WITCHY identities.  We also give her room a new identity!

Me, Linzy, Kaydee (the good witch) and Kylee

What can I say!

The sister and mommy witches

What's more FUN than getting together and laughing more than you've laughed in a long time!

I love the FUN traditions of FALL!!!

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  1. Boy we have a lot of fun!!! Especially you with your bonus cruise!!