Wednesday, February 3, 2010

"B" is for...

Recently we were called upon to BABYSIT a sweet little BABY BOY. 
Kylee and Conner had the opportunity to go to Florida to see Conner's dad race at Daytona.  They decided Nixon would have more fun at our house. I'd have to agree! I'm sure they had more fun having him at our house too!
While at our house I began to notice that the majority of the things that Nixon loves begins with "B". Hense, the title of this post.
Seriously, this little guy has got some talent when it comes to throwing a ball.  He truly would have been content doing this all day, everyday.  He even began to throw one handed.  It's quite evident he's well on his way to being a lefty!

While not much of a bottle drinker, this kid can eat!  Babyfood that is.  He's kind of gaggy when you try giving him something other than baby ceareal with fruit or sweet potatoes mixed in. Although in this picture he had decided that Chips Ahoy weren't so bad!

All I have to say is, "good luck mommy and daddy"! This little guy has a couple of early addictions.  He loves his BLANKIE and his BINKY too.  I took it upon myself to break him of the binky while I had him.  He was only allowed to have it for bed. That worked great!  We'll see if his parents are more addicted than he is. As for his BLANKIE, he seriously gets so excited just by the sight of it.  His little arms and legs start going a million miles an hour. It's really pretty sweet;)
Just like the other three grandkids, it hasn't taken Nixon long to figure out that he has his BAMPA completely wrapped around his little finger.  All it takes is one of his heart melting grins and you're a gonner!
As long as the BALL was involved, BATHS were tolerated!  Sadly I didn't realize as I was snapping pictures that BOOGERS were part of the theme too!  Oh well, it's real!
Best of All:
I met Kylee and Conner at the airport and was excited to see Nixon's reaction when he saw them.  I must say, it was pretty comical.  As they came up to us, he just stared them down. He was completely expressionless, just giving them "that look". Then all of a sudden, just as tears were starting to brim in his mother's eyes, he gave one of his signiture grins and all was well!
So once again, I'm happy to be sharing how BLESSED I am.  It's pretty cool, how that all fits into the theme too!


  1. I loved your post! The funny thing is that I was just laying down by Nixon before I put him to bed and I gave him his blankie and binky, then I said to Conner how he is the "B" boy. Blanket, binky, and ball. Then I came down here and read this...I guess that just proves how true it is. I'm glad you guys had fun with him and I'm sure he had a blast with you to. We REALLY appreciate you going through all the trouble to watch him! Thank you SO SO much! We love you!!!

  2. What a CUTE post! He is such an adorable little boy! Kylee is lucky to have such an awesome mom to take care of her little sweetie!

  3. Thanks so much for sharing your pictures and experiences with Nixon. Rick and I love the blogs to keep us informed on what our favorite little guy is doing. Conner is so lucky to have your family a part of his life.....and I feel very lucky as well. It was wonderful to spend the time with Conner and Kylee last weekend...wish we could have stayed longer!!!

  4. So cute! You are getting very good at this blogging stuff. You have music and everything. Sorry I am such a lamo. Hopefully life will calm down a bit now and I will take a little more time for this kind of stuff. Nixon is very cute. I was watching in church and you can just see that he loves his Grandma!