Saturday, May 8, 2010

Cash Not Calories

Another beautiful day was spent outside.  This time, I didn't count the calories burned, just the cash.  George and I went on a bit of spending spree this weekend!  But we do have some fun things to show for it...  We love getting our yard ready for the summer season and sad but true, it takes some moola.

We gave up our hot tub a few months ago (the kids were mad) so that means we had a big space left open on the patio.  I decided a little porch swing would be fun.  I orded it on line and it came a couple of weeks ago.  At the end of last summer I was in TJ Max and they had some patio chair and love seat cushions on clearance so I snagged them up.  I was so happy when the swing came and I realized that the loveseat cushion fit perfectly.  It just need a new and vibrant color!
 I was happy to have ran across this fun LAMINATED fabric from IKEA.  It was perfect for the vision I was trying to create in my head. 

Next I had visualized a coffee table fitting in perfectly.  I shopped KSL non stop for the past couple of weeks and then finally, THERE IT WAS!  The one I had been dreaming of, and in Utah County to boot!  Luckily Karson was working in Provo so he graciously went and picked it up for me.  But, HOLD ON, when he came through the door with the table I was sadden to see that it wasn't the one I thought I was buying.  I called the seller and luckily her husband had given us the wrong one by mistake so I was able to make a switch a couple of days later.
Here is the before picture.  I'm sure you'll understand why I was so happy about finding this perfect little table!
Or maybe not!
But hold on, if you're not feeling it yet, I know you will be in a minute.

We decided that since we were painting old furniture we might as well do a few pieces at the same time.  We did an old bar stool, an old bench and a planter, besides the TABLE.

Now you understand why I was SO excited about this fun little find!  I LOVE IT!  George found him a chair I think he loves equally as well (the one on the right).  It was on clearance at Pier One, lucky us!  The lanterns hanging in the tree are another of our fun finds.  The cool thing about them is that they are solar.  They look so cool in the dark.  The kids are going to love them.  We found some other fun solar lights, but of course my pictures don't do them justice.  They are great for mood lighting!
We bought lots of flowers and still have the need for more.  It will all come together with time.  I must remember that "patience is a virtue!"  But for now I'm must going to set back on my new swing and sway to my hearts content, and I'm going to think about calories burned not cash!

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  1. I love it so much! I can't wait to come see it! Love you!!!