Sunday, January 23, 2011

I RUN....

Yes, I RUN.  I know that surprises a lot of people, but believe me it surprises me MORE!  If anyone would have ever told me 12 years ago that I would ever be able to run a mile I would have laughed.  I clearly remember the day I suggested to George that we go over to the high school track and run a lap.  I made him promise me that he would not let me stop until I had ran ONE complete lap.  I even gave him permission to use any type of verbal encouragement he could come up with, even if it hurt my feelings.  I have to admit, it didn't help.  I COULD NOT run ONE lap.  In fact, I don't think I even got much further than half lap.  I was pathetic.  My crazy hold up was a SEVERE pain under my tongue.  It made it so I could hardly breathe.  This ailment had plagued me for years everytime I overexerted myself.  At that point I concluded once and for all I was NOT a RUNNER!

A year or so later, my co-worker Kandi and I were on a little diet and exercise stint.  She had just had a baby and wanted to work off some of the baby fat, and I had just had my third and last baby ten years prior to that and also wanted to work off some of my baby fat.  So, for lunch we'd grab something quick and healthy and then head out to the track and take a brisk walk during our lunch break. 

Now, although I have some short stubby legs, they can actually walk at a pretty decent pace.  Kandi was having to break into a jog to keep up with them.  This should have been a boost to my ego but instead I felt like a slacker.  Here she was JOGGING and I was merely WALKING.  Finally I gave into the pressure and pushed the memory of the "lap never taken" out of my mind.  I started to JOG!  I still remember completing that first lap around the ENTIRE track and being absolutely elated!  I had done what I NEVER thought I could do.

From there the weather got cold and we decided to spend our lunch break on the inside track at the high school.  One day we were running our typical four laps before we went into our walk and a class came strolling into the gym.  I couldn't very well quite now, could I?  These COOL high school students would think I was slug.  I had no other choice than to keep going.  By the time it was time for us to go back to work, I had RAN my first ever MILE! 

I believe it was at that point that I never looked back.  I started running in the morning with some friends so that I'd could add a little more distance because I had made a goal to run the UTE STAMPEDE 5K FUN RUN.

After we had finished the race that year, one of my friends said, "Can we quit now?"  I told her that we couldn't quit until we're running in the Senior Games.  (which will be here sooner than I care to think about)

Along the way my running partners have changed due to knee injuries and life but I'm SO grateful for the great group of friends I have been able to run with over the past 10 years and the newbies who have joined us since. (Sue Ann, Jill, Tammy B. Tammy M. and Ann) They truly motivate and inspire me, not only with running but with life as well!

A few years ago we did a MARATHON RELAY at  Thanksgiving Point.  It was great!  We had five team members and we each had to run a 5+ mile leg.  When it was all said and done, we had ran a 26.2 mile marathon.  I was satisfied! I even thought that I could proudly boast that, "yes, I ran a marathon."  No one needed to know the details!  But those friends of mine, the ones who motivate and inspire me weren't so satisfied.  From there they thought we should try a HALF MARATHON.  I caved and agreed but made it known that I would NEVER do anymore than that.  I've keep that stand for a years now, especially everytime I finish a half.  The idea of turning right around and doing it again makes me physically and mentally ill.

However motivation and inspiration keeps on coming, how great is that!  Jill, Tammy B. and Tammy M. all did a marathon in 2009.  Sue Ann and I firmly stood our ground and said, "NO WAY!"  We watched them train through the entire summer and we'd join them to a certain point, the point of where they started HATING it.  We were trying to convince ourselves that we were SO GLAD it was them and not us. 

When they had all three accomplished that great and ONE TIME ONLY goal, they were proud and we were proud of them too!  Sue Ann and I talked about it and admitted we were a tiny bit jealous that they could say that they had OFFICIALLY ran a MARATHON and  we couldn't.  In a moment of weakness we said, "LET'S DO IT!"  We put in for the St. George Marathon and realizing we were disappointed when we didn't get in, we knew it was time to make the committment once and for all and make plans to accomplish the goal. 

So that we are sure to get in to the St. George Marathon this year we joined the Runner's Series.  We have to run two St. George races and then VIOLE' we're in!  Our buddies who insisted ONE TIME ONLY will be joining us too!

I know I've got a long way to go, both physically and mentally, but I've already come A LOT further than I EVER dreamed I could!

Running is a BIG DEAL, merely for the fact that it's something that doesn't come easy or natural for me. It's never easy, I don't have a runner's body, or a long beautiful stride. I don't even have a proper runners gait, but running makes me feel like I've accomplished something BIG and because of  THAT I know I can accomplish MANY other BIG things in my life all because I RUN.

2011 Painters St. George Half Marathon


  1. You guessed it- this made me cry! You seriously are AWESOME mom! Not just in running but EVERYTHING! Your whole attitude in life amazes me!! I BARELY ran a mile the other day which is pathetic!!!!!!!!!!!! The most I have ever ran is 4 but that was the summer before Nixon was born. SO now after reading this you motivated me just a goal is 5 by this summer. Now that makes me ill and here you are running a MARATHON!!! I love you!!! You are incredible Super Con!!!

  2. I love that you posted this. I actually was going to ask you on FB how you started running. Dave too said 10 years ago he would NEVER run. 7 years later Dave has ran 4 1/2 marathons and hopefully be running his first Full marathon this year. I have always loved to run so it wasn't hard for me to do this. What a motivating story connie! I hope when my kids are out of the home I look as good as you. I love that you have taken this hobby and ran with it :) I didn't know about that group for the St. George dangit! We are hoping to run that one in October too. I hope we can get in!!! You are an inspiration and you look better then ever! Congratulations on your running your awesome!!!!!!

  3. I love this!!! You are a super great sister and you inspire me in EVERYTHING you do.

  4. Um - can I really say I am related to you! I love that I am :) You amaze me and I can so relate to your running story! What an incredible example of strength, patience, long suffering....and endurance! You are super woman and can do anything...including running a marathon!