Friday, May 27, 2011

I've been....TO DINNER

In March my mom had the great opportunity to go to Hawaii with a couple of her step children.  My sisters and I were really excited for her.  But, at the same time we were wishing we were there too! So to make it up to ourselves we decided to go to dinner and pretend that we were in Hawaii instead of Orem.
Since it was such a fun evening of getting together to visit, laugh and eat, we decided to make it an every-other-month event.  I was the one who instigated that particular evening and so we decided to just go down the line (age wise) and that person will select the time and place that we will meet.  The date is already decided and set in stone, the first Thursday of the odd months.
DeAnn was in charge of May's sister dinner, which happened to fall on May, 5th, Cinco De Mayo. We were quite sure we'd be enjoying some delicious Mexican flare somewhere.  We kept trying to get information out of her but it was all in vain.  The only thing we knew is the time that we were leaving. 
The mystery started to unravel in the Home Depot parking lot.  DeAnn had prepared
some Cinco De Mayo trivia for us.  The winners won the privilage of being able to eat that particular course in the correct and standard order; appetizer/salad, main dish, dessert.  Those of us who didn't answer correctly had to draw to determine which course we would be eating at each location. Oh ya, the winner also got to draw where we would be eating at.

We were shocked and dismayed when we realized that we would be eating our first courses at non other than MAVERICK! 
 Luckily my first course was to be dessert, so I was feeling happy that at least I would have to waste my main dish at a convenience store. 
I tried my first ever yogurt cone from Maverick.  It was Acai Berry and it was DELICIOUS!  I'm addicted!

After the first course, we went back to the car for another round of trivia.  I lost that round too!  The routine was the same, and as the winning sister (I don't remember who) drew out the little slip of paper telling us where we would be going for the REAL meal our hearts were pounding.  When she unraveled the paper we were all ready to boycott when she read MAVERICK! 
We were all thinking, 'joke's up, we're hungry for some good food!'  But DeAnn didn't let down.  We had to draw to see what course we would be eating this time around.  I drew out my main course.  The only thing I could think, is that George would be so proud of me for humbling myself to eat FOOD at a convenience store.
The pickings were slim, but in the end I chose a  TORPEDO.  It was a cream cheese and habanna pepper Torpedo, and once again I actually really liked it!

Kristy, Melinda & RaNae were splitting an appetizer

Mom had a FRESH hot dog as her main course

At this point we were all wondering what would be in store for us.  Surely we'd end with our last course at somewhere like Ruby River, which was right across the street.  Well, once again after the trivia questions were answered and a bit of history of the Cinco De Mayo holiday read to us, the winner selected our final place.  After eating two courses at Maverick we were actually fairly pleased when it was McDONALD'S.  The course I was supposed to have there was my appetizer/salad.  I chose a grilled chicken wrap as an appetizer.  Even it was pretty good!

After we had stuffed ourselves, DeAnn informed us that we had another treat ahead.  She directed us to Fat Cat's Bowling Alley where we played a 'not so typical' game of bowling.  She had us draw out Skittles.  Each color had a different challenge associated with it.  For example; red-bowl with your opposite hand, yellow-bowl with your eyes closed etc. 
We had a great evening, and we've got DeAnn to thank for it!  It sounds like our little sister outtings are going to be anything but boring from here on out.  I'm excited for the next one in July where Kristy will be our hostess.

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