Saturday, September 15, 2012

I've been....On Top Of The World!!!

George came home one day and told me not to make any plans on the Saturday of Labor Day weekend because we were hiking Nebo.  He was almost counting down the days because he was so excited about it!  I on the other hand, because I have done it a few times before, had to muster up some excitement.  The morning of the hike came and when we woke up there was sounds of thunder and flashes of lightening shining in through the window.  My biggest fear is getting struck by lightening so I insisted we wait and go another day.  He wasn't having any of that! Luckily the friends we were going with had my same fear/smarts of lightening and called to say we had better reschedule.  Needless to say I was relieved!
Later that day Angie and Karri called to have us go to Manti and hike over there so that we could at least get a little taste of what we had been planning for.

We rescheduled our Nebo hike for September 15th.  It turned out to be a beautiful day!  No rain in the forecast at all.  We had quite a party of hikers in the end.  BJ & Nicole Hoaldridge, Nicole's sister and brother in law, her dad, my sisters, RaNae and DeAnn, Karri Stevens and Amy Taylor.
We started out at 5:30 from Andrews.  It was dark!  George had control of the flashlight.  Hmmm, how did that happen?
We had a great time and  I was so proud of George for making it to the top!  It's one of those "hurts so good" sort of things.  What I love about hiking a BIG mountain like Nebo is that it totally gives you a whole new appreciation for it.  It's almost like it becomes yours!
Starting off in the dark

A beautiful sunrise

We made it to the ridge

So close, yet so far away

BJ, George and Karri walking across the "football field"

Ready to make the final ascent!

The Book of the Brave-proud to have our names there!

Karri, Me and RaNae (sadly DeAnn had a panic attack and didn't quite get to the top :(

George, BJ & John at the top

Our very own mountain!

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