Friday, July 30, 2010


I LOVE this time of year and everything that goes on!  It seems like everything is a BIG deal, especially for the little ones!
Here are lots of pictures of our BIG summer deals:

Besides the normal Independence Day festivities our family gets an extra special celebration.  We get to celebrate LUKE'S birthday that day as well. It's pretty cool he gets to have the whole country celebrating right along with him with fireworks and all!
Happy birthday to our sweet, wise, 7 year old Luke!
We love him!!

At Lavendar Days they had a Wild West Shootout (I mentioned in a previous post).  The boys had the "bestest" idea ever!  They wanted to reenact it!
It was so darn cute and comical, especially the official cowboy duds they came up with.

Luke with his official cowboy kerchef and famous red felt cowboy hat.

The Ute Stampede has always been one of the biggest deals of the summer, and this year was no exception.
The (cow) boys were so excited because they now considered themselves REAL COWBOYS and they couldn't wait to wear their cowboy clothes.  Exactly! The ones you saw in the pictures above!  Kaydee was sweating it! But Bampa (not knowing their plan) decided they needed a Ute Stampede shirt so he called Uncle Karson to do some shopping on his way home from Provo.  Of course they couldn't have a western shirt without a cool cowboy hat to go with it.
Tanner, Luke & Nixon
Nixon and Ellie enjoying the Ute Stampede too!

Just hanging out together in the backyard is a "big deal", even to me.  I love LAZY summer days!
Grandma Red showing Tanner the ins and outs of snorkling gear
      Escapees! They're on the run!

.  This year for our family campout we went to Cherry Hills, you know - "The Greatest Fun Spot You'll Ever Know, Cherry Hill, Cherry Hill!"
Our immediate family was low in numbers this year because Kylee, Conner and Nixon were in Seattle, Karson & Linzy were a little preoccupied (I'll address that later) and George and Launey were working. 
So Kaydee, the kids and I represented our family, and we did it well!
Tanner, posing with his favorite cute cousins, Jamileh and Talysha

DeAnn and I were in charge of this particular dinner.  We did a FRIED FOOD FEAST!
Chicken strips, onion rings, and french fries!  YUM!

Our deluxe accomodations! 
Trying to convince Ellie it was still nighttime at 6:00 am was a bit impossible in a tent.

Pioneer Day in Mona is a BIG DEAL! We started out with a movie night and sleepout in mom's back yard.

Kristy, DeAnn and Talysha gearing up for a late night movie
Brayden, Luke, Jaydon, Kamron & Tanner
Tanner still sleeping soundly

The big parade had some very special entries this year!
In case you don't know the story behind it you can click HERE for the story.
Kristy hooked us up with some lovely pioneer frocks with some modern flare!

Tevan & Kylee trying to perfect a duo long board stunt!
Luke, Nixon, Braydon, Rylan and Tanner

We wrapped up the night watching the BIG DEAL MONA FIREWORKS!!!  Truly this firework show is incredible!  It's a little known secret that is getting more and more known.  People are realizing it's the place to be!

Madden George Morgan was born on July 20th!
We're so excited to welcome him to our family and look forward to having him join in all the future BIG DEALS we share together.
We love you!!


  1. What a great post! Fantastic summary of the last few weeks:).

  2. Dido to what Kaydee said! I have been waiting to get my pictures downloaded on my computer to do this very I am thinkin I should just copy/paste yours! haha
    I love the pic of the kids drawing on the chalk board, and running away!
    You always do so good with your posts and tying it into a theme!

  3. You seriously rock! I always have a super BIG smile on my face when I check in on the happenings in your life. It is always about your kids and grandkids, which makes it so fun. I just think you are fantastic and are such a "BIG DEAL!"

  4. I loved your post! When family is involved, especially little ones, EVERYTHING is a big deal! I love all of the small town traditions. I miss them being down here! Congratulations to Karson and Linzy! What a beautiful baby baby. My mom is going to have to catch up somehow!