Sunday, July 11, 2010


I was happy that this year's 5k Lavender Run didn't interfer with the Ute Stampede Fun Run of which I feel loyalty to.  Despite the steep entry fee to run the race, it's a fun one because of the beautiful setting.  I wish I could say that as I ran through the pretty fields of LAVENDER I was simply breathing it all in and feeling it's calming effects.  Not quite the case for me!  Mention the word RACE and regardless of the fact that I KNOW I could NEVER win one, the anxiousness still sets in.  And sadly not even the LAVENDER could save me!  But in the end, when it's all said and done, it's something that I'm always glad I did. 
I told someone after they called me up to verify my age, that I don't mind being honest about my age in situations like that because I like the fact that I'm getting older and still able to FORCE myself to do things that cause me PAIN.  Sometimes it even pays off because there doesn't seem to be many women my age running and so that puts me in a good catagory for a chance at a prize.  I won a whooping $40 bucks at this race, so my entry fee didn't seem so bad after all!
Cute picture, I know!  I just had to show the apparent PAIN I must have went through so you'd understand.

The kids love hanging out at the farm and since there was a lot going there on Saturday we took a picnic lunch and just enjoyed hanging out. 

When the kids spotted Bampa, they ran to him for hugs!
                                                        Ellie, dancing with uncle Karson               
          A western gunfight, which the boys reinacted for us on Sunday afternoon.  HILLIARIOUS!!

It was Kaydee's 10 year class reunion Saturday night so we watched the kids.  We decided to take them to a benefit concert being held for a Santaquin family who's wife/mother, Amy Jackson, just passed away this past week. Check out THIS blog, for their story.  There was music for four straight hours, several local groups and singers, all of them VERY good and the concert concluded with one of my very favorites, Peter Breinholt. 
Although the kids did more running around and playing, it was such a nice night for a nice cause.  Amy's husband, Gary gave such a neat tribute.  It is so cool to see a community to come together and support one another in times like these. 

I was in the mood for making SOMETHING, but not quite sure what.  I know that I've got several unfinished projects that are wanting my attention but that isn't what I was wanting to do.  Hopefully I can conjour up that desire soon.
I'm loving all the projects done with words, letters and numbers.  I ran across a tutorial for Subway Art on Studio 5 and decided to give it a try.
I had already bought these two large canvas prints from DI a while back so I figured they'd work out great.

                                                                  I painted them white.
I found a few sayings that I liked, all inspired from a sweet little book that my friend Tammy M. gave each of us last week, called "She..."
Then I printed them out, took them down to Remember Your Memories and had them enlarged.  After that I adhered them to contact paper and I cut them all out, AUGH!!!
I layed the letters out on my canvas and stuck them in place.
After that, I sprayed the entire piece black.
From there, I peeled off the lettering and Viola! 
I did a bad thing though, and didn't do the other one at the same time, other than cutting out the lettering.  Now I just have another UNFINISHED project to add to my ever growing stash. 


  1. I've got to admit, sometimes I get a little dizzy trying to keep up with you!!! I would love to watch you just sit for an entire day. That would probably cause you more pain than your tedious runs. Just come up to my house and watch the laundry pile up while the dust collects, it just might do you some good!! In all honesty, you're a freakin' ROCKSTAR!!

  2. Kaydee said it, You ARE a freakin' ROCKSTAR. But I too wonder what it would be like for you to just SIT! That is my favorite time of the day, when Nixon is sleeping and I can just SIT and do this!