Saturday, March 31, 2012

I've been....AWAY!

I've been away from blogging for a long long time. I really don't know how to catch up! However, I have learned from visiting, or not visiting, Kaydee's blog that I can't stress too much about filling in all the blanks or it will be too overwhelming and I'll never get it done. (note to Kaydee-I miss your blog!) So even though there is a huge gap, like Thanksgiving, Christmas etc.  I'm just going to restart at the current happenings.  To fill in the gaps, refer to Kylee and Linzy's blogs.
George has a food show in St. George every year in March. It's always a nice little springtime get-a-way. At the last minute he told me to bring Luke and Tanner down with me when I came and then in the end we said, "what the heck, bring them all!" Karson, Linzy and the boys weren't able to make it and went the following weekend. Lucky for them, sad for us!

Fun times at the Fiesta Fun Center!
We got lucky and happened to be there the same week as the Thunder Over Utah airshow with the Blue Angels.

Tanner getting an autographed picture from one of the Blue Angels pilots
We even got in one of my favorite activities, hiking. I love exploring with Luke and Tanner, they have the greatest imaginations!

This is one of my favorite pictures!

Speaking of imagination, we got the boys some nets for lizard catching. There happened to be a field full of piles of rocks and dirt where they were lizard hunting. While there they came up with a theory about what happened because they had found, glass, wood, a 5-Hour Energy drink bottle, and of all things a PRICE TAG. They determined that part of the mountain had came down and smashed a gas station!
We had a great weekend and it gets me excited about adventures of summertime. Here are a few random pictures of our get-a-way.
Our newest grandbaby, Addie

Tanner, Nixon and Ellie laughing their heads off!

A necessary stop everytime we're in St. George!

Luke enjoying some pizza and swimming

Conner, Nixon and Tanner in the hot tub

Mya and Ellie

Luke and Tanner being boys

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