Sunday, April 1, 2012


Yes, it's true I'VE BEEN... AGING! I was hoping that no one was noticing, but that wasn't the case. On the Thursday before my BIG birthday I nonchalantly walked into the classroom and was greated by our students all dressed in black and a room decorated with pictures of me in my finest hours with quotes about aging!

Not only were the lovely pictures of me all over our classrooom, they were pinned up throughout the halls too, oh and also in the Nephi Times News too. I LOVE MY SISTERS!
However, my birthday celebrations didn't stop there. At the first of the week Karson texted me and asked what my favorite meal and cake was. Well, duh! I knew he must be planning on making me a lovely birthday dinner or why else would he inquire such things, especially the week of my birthday. I was stressed about getting home from St. George so that I could be there for the feast.
I was surprised when Kaydee told me she talked to Karson about the dinner and he was baffled as to why I was assuming he was making one. After talking she said he felt pressure to do it and so he would throw something together.
Many people won't be surprised that PIZZA is my favorite meal. I also said that Key Lime Cheesecake is my favorite cake. Karson & Linzy whipped up some delicious pizza for my birthday dinner. When it came time for dessert, Kylee told everyone to come up for Texas Sheet Cake later at my house. I just figured the Key Lime Cheesecake was either too much of a challenge or that because he didn't have enough time to make it after he found out he really had to make me dinner.

Madden wanted to go with George and I as we left so we told everyone we'd take him for a little ride and bring him back. While on our ride, we got a text that RaNae had called and said while we were out on our ride we could come by and she'd give us some money that she owed us.

I took Madden into the house with me and immediately noticed a CHOCOLATE FOUNTAIN! I turned to signal for George to come in and partake! All of a sudden I heard, "SURPRISE!" I was completely shocked and surprised to see my entire family there to celebrate the fact that I HAVE BEEN...AGING.

To go along with the absolutely best birthday ever, even despite the age, was my favorite KEY LIME CHEESECAKE. Karson and RaNae had out done theirselves. They were both truly delicious. In fact I'm craving them right now!

It's hard to believe that I'm 50 years old. Time has gone SO fast! I'm so grateful for the past 50 years full of blessings. I have too many too count. Among the greatest of my blessings are most definitely my WONDERFUL FAMILY. Thanks so much for a perfect birthday!

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