Wednesday, June 20, 2012

I've Been...ON THE MOVE!!!

The very next morning after getting home from Disneyland Kylee, Nixon and Addie and I flew out to Texas to join Conner.  That is where they will call home for now.  I was so glad that school was out and I was able to go and help them get settled.  I was also glad I was able to be with Kylee for the trip there.  It was an adventure as it was, I can't imagine her doing it on her own!

After zig zagging across the country we finally made it there and got to their house in the dark.  Conner had been busy for the two weeks he had been there trying to get as much of their things put away and organized as possible which was nice. 

It was fun to wake up the next morning a see where we really were.  I fell in love with their neighborhood right from the start!  I was so surprise to find that Texas, at least Austin/Round Rock area is so pretty.  I pictured it to be completely flat and dry.  But, it's quite hilly and green, with rivers and lakes all around.

In the ten days while I was there we finished unpacking all the rest of their things, ATE, made beds up, shopped for a few new furniture pieces, ATE, put them together, hung pictures on the walls, accessorized shelves, went sight seeing, ATE, swam, ran, went for lots of walks, met neighbors, ATE, went to church, took advantage of Sonic's Happy Hour everyday, shopped some more and of course ATE.

In other words I WAS ON THE MOVE!!! 

One of the many play grounds we played on in the neighborhood

Little Miss Bright Eyes, Addie:)

The entertainment center Conner and I put together and Kylee and I accessorized

And we ATE, This is at Chuy's.  I'm almost as excited to go back for that as much as for the kids, lol!

A pretty view of the city from a river trail we were on

The Texans

Downtown Austin

View from Mt. Bonnell. Wow! the homes down there were incredible!

Conner loving the off-road stroller

And we ATE, this time at Home Slice Pizza.  It was a happening little joint!

Waiting for the thousands of bats to fly out of Congress Bridge

Nixon on one of our bike rides around the block

Their cute house and neighborhood in Teravista

In progress

And we ATE, yummy bbq at The Salt Lick

All coming together

We loved making time for swimming

Nixon's new bed, assembly done by yours truly and Kylee while Conner was working

This was on the long journey to Texas.  Sleeping babies made it nice on this particular flight

2:00, my favorite time of day!

This wall is one of my favorites!

I had an absolutely great time and I loved watching their house being transformed into a home.  It was great to be able to spend so much one on one time with Nixon and Addie.  Although I was ready to get back home to my normal routine, it was so hard to leave.  I can't wait to get back there!!

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