Wednesday, June 13, 2012

I've been...IN A HAPPY PLACE!

As most everyone who knows our family knows, we are big time DISNEY fans! We were lucky enough to squeeze in a Disneyland trip as a family recently. What an adventure in and of itself! Traveling with 16 people most of them small can be wild and crazy, in a good way of course.

Nixon got to ride in Grandma and Bampa's car.  He thought he was pretty funny by stealing my pillow!

Cute family!

Ellie and Nixon playing at the Lego store in Downtown Disney

Madden mesmorized by the street singer in Downtown Disney

Luke and Tanner racing Lego cars


Grandma and Ellie on Mickey Mouse's ferris wheel

I LOVE LOVE this picture of Nixon and Ellie

Tanner was extremely upset that they wouldn't let him be in the car by homself.  So there is Karson playing invisible.

Launey, Tanner and Luke

Ellie helping out by feeding Addie

Mya also helping with Addie:)

Loving a day at the hotel pool

Ellie after her shopping spree at World of Disney

Chubby Cheeks Addie

Tanner after his shopping adventure at the Lego store

The cute little Morgan family

The entire family on a Storybook Land boat (my very favorite Disney ride)

Madden playing the piano in Goofy's house

The Ivers girls with Jessie

The crazy guys getting wet in not overly warm temps on Grizzly Bear Rapids

Ring a round the rosie while waiting for their daddies

Ellie & Nixon

Luke holding a star fish

Luke and Tanner with their "Make it your way funnel cake"

Ellie, Luke and Madden waiting patiently to head over to Disneyland on our first morning there

Tower of Terror

Luke and Tanner studying their maps while waiting for the parade to start

Ellie, Luke and Tanner at Newport Beach

Madden taking a little rest from the beach activity

Launey, Mya and Luke

After three days of Disney, a beach and pool day and a day at Sea World we can safely say we wore the poor kiddo completely out!  We had such a great time and I can't wait to do it all again. I love, love, love Disneyland vacations with my family:)

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